About Portal e-B2B.org

Our history ...

I came up with the idea and created the Portal e-B2B.org in 2010 in Poland, in the lovely city of Gdańsk.
By the way, Gdańsk and the Tricity (Poland/Europe) have more than 1000 years of history and are among the most beautiful cities in Europe – why not visit them?

In its start-up phase, my business project was called the European Business Platform | e-B2B.org and employed three people.
The seat of Portal e-B2B.org has always been located in Gdańsk. Our first physical server was hosted in France.

The previous European Business Platform | e-B2B.org logo looked like this:

European Business Platform | e-B2B.org
My motto has always been:

Welcome to business with no borders!

The European Business Platform | e-B2B.org project supported four professional language versions:

  • PL : Polish
  • EN : English
  • RU : Russian
  • DE : German
each with its own language subdomain: pl.e-B2B.org, en.e-B2B.org, ru.e-B2B.org and de.e-B2B.org. These language subdomains are no longer active.
Currently, the only active domain is the parent domain at https://e-B2B.org.

European Business Platform | e-B2B.org employed professional translators, who moderated and translated offers and business ads posted by our users.
We have always strived to provide high quality services, which is why we have never used Google Translate to translate the offers and ads posted by or users.

Already at its inception in 2011, our European Business Platform | e-B2B.org project won the contest:

National Leader of Innovation and Development, Regional Edition 2011 – Pomorskie Voivodship.

  • Title: Regional Leader of Innovation and Development – 2011
  • Category: Innovative services
  • Subcategory: Micro-enterprise
Krajowi Liderzy Innowacji i Rozwoju

Over the course of several years of our online activities, we have acquired more than 10,000 active users from all over the world and numerous offers and ads in various languages.
The Portal e-B2B.org helped Polish entrepreneurs expand their export trade to foreign markets, including Eastern markets.

Interestingly, between 2014 and 2016, European Business Platform | e-B2B.org established collaboration with the majority of trade fairs in Belarus, Ukraine and several trade fairs in Russia. It was an exquisite business experience.

In 2016, European Business Platform | e-B2B.org expanded its services and changed its name again to International business Portal e-B2B.org with translation service.
Our users had access to free offers and business ads translated by our translators into Polish, English, Russian and German.

Unfortunately, in 2018, International business Portal e-B2B.org with translation service fell victim to a hacker attack.
It took us a long time to regain our business standing, while consistently working to improve and reinforce our network security.

As you can see, we succeeded 🙂

Finally, in 2021, International business Portal e-B2B.org with translation service was entirely rebuilt and transformed into the current Portal e-B2B.org | Multilingual Guest Posts with DoFollow links.
The registered office of Portal e-B2B.org is still located in Gdańsk. Currently, our server is hosted in Warsaw in Poland.

What do we have to offer to the world right now?

We write and publish off-site SEO business articles with do-follow links in the following language versions:

  • PL : Polish
  • EN : English
The business articles published belong to two main categories:

  • Featured guest posts
  • Standard guest posts
Our content and published articles cover the following topics:
Business • Finance • Technology • News • Entertainment • Sports • Lifestyle • World • Products • Services and Gambling

What do we plan to achieve?

In the near future, we will extend our offer to include other language versions:

  • RU : Russian
  • DE : German
  • ES : Spanish
We strive to become the leading platform for SEO articles in different language versions.

The Portal e-B2B.org would be happy to work with you!

Reach out to us through the CONTACT page.

Jacek LIPSKI, M.Sc.
Portal e-B2B.org | Multilingual Guest Posts with DoFollow links