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Poland is one of the largest economies in Europe. Its developing society is open to new goods for households and enterprises. Companies can grow by expansion, and sometimes, it is only possible to increase the customer base through exports. Promoting your product or service in Poland is an excellent idea for entering a new, broad market.

How to advertise online with the Portal

Much has already been written about how to advertise on the Internet. Marketing on the web is governed by its own rules, which are generally known, and it is not difficult to promote one’s services in one’s own country. But do you know how to advertise in Poland? We know! We create content, videos and graphics adjusted to Poles’ expectations. We will help you to grow your business thanks to our wide offer, addressed to companies from Europe and the entire world.

Sponsored Polish-language articles

Our Portal offers sponsored articles concerning products as well as business articles about your company and the products and services you offer. We know the realities of the Polish market, and we know how to make use of online marketing in Poland. We write sponsored articles adjusted to the client’s needs. In order to present your company, we know how to describe new products and advertise services.

Polish-language advertising videos on YouTube

Good content on portals and blogs is half of the road to success. The Portal also offers interesting advertising videos on YouTube. We will become acquainted with your company’s portfolio and present it in Polish. Cheap advertising videos are the best way to broaden the market. We know how to reach new customers in Poland! We know how to get ahead of the competition – this is why our Portal was created.

Some of our YouTube projects:

Project SMS EasyReader&Printer

Advertising in Poland

Internationalizing products and services is not easy. But good marketing is an important part of that. SEO is one way of reaching new customers, thanks to organic searching. SEO-based advertising in Poland is the fastest way to promote and raise recognition of one’s brand. This is the easiest, cheapest and most effective channel for reaching new customers.

Promoting products in Poland

The Portal is a platform for advertising articles in Poland and abroad. Promotion of products in Poland covers SEO publications as well as inexpensive advertising videos. SEO articles promote new products, and a dofollow link makes it possible to link your website to interesting and high-quality content. Advertising articles, high-quality and unique graphics, original photos and tailored YouTube videos widen the audience as well as the number of potential customers.

Marketing strategy – a new product in Poland

If you are wondering whether to enter a new market with a new product or service, we have services tailored for you. SEO marketing, high-quality content tailored to the target audience, exceptional photos and advertising videos. Remember, if you are entering a new market, you need a new idea. This means developing a marketing strategy – a new product in Poland.

What we can offer on the Portal

✔   Business articles in Polish and English
✔   Promotional articles in Polish and English
✔   Promotional videos in Polish and English
✔   Graphics and photos

We can independently write an article or record a video, but we can also use your ready content. Advertising on the e-B2B portal is the fastest way to enter the Polish market of products and services.

We invite you to contact our Portal directly!

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