Maintaining News Credibility in a World of Fake News

Generating and sharing news has become more challenging over the years and it only seems to be getting worse. With social media providing everyone with the opportunity to voice their opinions, the amount of fake news out there has skyrocketed. This term also got popularized in recent times by the former US president Trump and news outlets are also referring to it directly now. In all that chaos, the thing that would make a media outlet trustworthy in the eyes of people is credibility.
Maintaining good credibility can be a challenge and people want to find news that they can trust readily. To deliver that quality of news, you need to be extremely vigilant. Just because you have a good heart and want to spread the truth does not mean the people around you want to do the same. There is way too much vetting involved and you need to take some key steps to secure your position as a reliable news agency. Here are a few things that news companies need to follow to ensure that their work is considered trustworthy.

Rely on Government Sources

The seat of authority in any country is also considered to be the source of most reliable information. As a citizen, anyone would believe something that comes from an official government source and wherever possible, news should also be verified from those sources. This is especially true when reporting on matters of national importance since the entire focus is on the government itself. Find sources within the government who not only share credible information on different topics but are also willing to verify it for you if needed.
Online news sources are also gaining immense popularity due to ease of access. In that arena, a domain that has credibility goes a long way. Having your country’s official code in your website address can provide a certain level of trust and credibility in the eyes of your viewers. In addition to that, sharing links from government sources on your news articles can also show that you are gathering your information from a reliable source.

Target the Right Audience

By publishing news that is considered reliable, you will automatically attract a certain type of crowd. These are people who value credible information and are willing to raise their own voice for it. You can use their support to establish your credibility by finding out who they are and how you can reach them. While you cannot easily control who watches your news on the TV, the internet is an entirely different story.
With so much consumer data freely available these days, you can easily find out who is taking a particular interest in your work. With demographic and even personal data available online, you can campaign to keep those people around as well. Showing them the content and advertisements that meet their criteria can be challenging, but the rewards would undoubtedly be worth every penny and second spent on it. However, while you are busy analyzing data, do not forget that the main reason they are around is your credibility and keep them reminded about that.

Image Building on Social Media

No one gets tagged as good or bad overnight, or at least that is not how it used to be until now. Your image in the eyes of the public is dependent on your actions. However, thanks to social media, you do not need to wait for it to develop over the years nowadays. By actively campaigning in favor of credible news and the right information, you can easily create an image of a professional and reliable news source. Social media is also the best place for anyone to listen to the opinions of their audience. You may need to filter through loads of useless stuff, but you will find a lot of genuine feedback that could help you increase your credibility.
Considering that social media is a significant source of advertising these days, you can spread the word about your ethical approach and attract people to your news brand. Once they are watching your content, the content itself will have them hooked to it immediately. However, keep in mind that every action you take will be scrutinized as a popular news source. Even the slightest slip of the tongue or even a wrong retweet could lead to immensely negative consequences.

Prove What You Claim

All the points above would be completely meaningless if you did not actually do the things you claimed to stand for. Therefore, having a strict code is essential in ensuring that you follow your own ideas to the letter. However, it needs to be much more than just a wild dream or an idea in your head. You must put it down on paper and make it a regulation that everyone in your team must follow. Anyone not following them would be immediately terminated with the news agency publicly outing the culprit.
A complete system needs to come into place for this strategy to work effectively and fairly. You need to create SOPs that govern how news is vetted and set regulations on what can and cannot be published in the light of ethics and fairness to the masses. Sometimes that may put you in a difficult spot but that is also the time when you will prove your worth to everyone out there. Once you have a large audience and a foolproof system of validation for every news, you will finally be able to realize your dream of becoming a credible news source.

What to Look For?

While you should be creating your own process for proving the credibility of any news, we are still sharing some steps that could be quite useful. These may seem a bit strict to some people, but when social media rules, having these checks in place has become extremely important.

• In any news niche, vetting the source of information is half the work and getting it right means you are in safe territory. Be sure to check the purpose of the news and make sure that the source providing you the news is not doing so to achieve some ulterior motive.
• Be careful about the headlines you choose for your story. Clickbait is a real problem, and many news sources can become quite outrageous and write something that may not be true just for the sake of a few extra clicks.
• Cross-reference the story you get from other sources and make sure everything lines up perfectly. Even if a single piece seems out of place, stop the story from publishing and clarify the misinformation first.
• If something seems too outlandish, the chances are that it actually is. Always double-check with sources and ask independent people to verify it for you before publishing.
• Always ask yourself if the content you just wrote is biased in any way before you publish anything at all.


With so much fake news around us all the time, credible news has become a major challenge and a valuable resource. If you have any guidelines that could help improve the current scenario, we would be happy to read it. Simply share your guest post with a dofollow link on our Portal at

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